Saturday, February 23, 2019

My Fun Experience With A Lady In Abuja.

I was taking my usual evening stroll in an estate I lived in some years back while I was in Abuja. Most evenings you see a lot of beautiful ladies either doing evening exercise or strolling with their dogs or stuffs like that.

So on this day I came across one cute lady doing her exercise and I approached her, stretched out my hand for a handshake and introduced myself. She shook me as well but didn't give me her name and told me she was busy so as a gentle man I excused her and went my way. On another cool evening I saw her again at same place and almost same time so I greeted her and kept on walking but I had timed her already. 

As a badt Edo guy, on another day I drove down there so she knows the nigger got a ride and you know some girls no dey take eye see machine. Ac pumping, gbedu blasting very cool, I pulled over and this time as a papas, I just signaled her to come over a minute and to my surprise she came over. When she saw me properly she smiled and I knew e don set. So I told her let's take a ride, get some few drinks at the corner shop and go chill in one lonely side of the estate that was still being developed.

All these while my mind na to blow that yansh and I no even remember to ask her name. Just like play I don dey touch this babe inside car, fell the seat so she relax properly. Started kissing her and she was so responding very well. As I took my hands down the major area I just realised my bread has since been buttered and ready to devour, the girl wore only her tight leggings and wasn't wearing anything inside. Just like that, no condom self I just chop this babe like play like play. Everything was so pure and sweet I just dey trip die. I no even fear for HIV or any disease because me I know say the babe na pure ajebo pikin.

After everything she didn't allow me drop her in her house and she didn't give me her number, she just told me to drop her were I picked her and we should meet there same time next day. It was the next day we went on same chillings I got her name as Ogechi (Igbo Amaka). I swear I miss the babe. 

The shocking part of everything was that until I left Abuja I never knew her house and she never knew my house. We never had each others phone numbers, we just had a private good time together and she really helped my balls wella.